Why Do We Still Read the Puritans?

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The Events that Shaped the Men

Debunking the Myths

Puritan Theology

The Spiritual Heritage of the Puritan Writers

Links to some good articles about the Puritans

“The Puritans and Revival Christianity” by Iain Murray.

“Who Were the Puritans?” by Gleason and Kapio.  Good general introduction to the issues and personalities of the Puritan era.

“Puritan Evangelism” J.I. Packer’s approach to the preceding topic.

“Why We Need the Puritans” and by J.I. Packer, an excerpt from his excellent book, A Quest for Godliness, and a  defense of the oft-defamed Puritans as family men, citizens, church men, and men of God.

A Call to the Unconverted, by Richard Baxter, challenging to the lost to consider why they have a death wish for eternal damnation. Read ExcerptRead entire book online in our own modern English version.

Grace Abounding to the Chief of Sinners, by John Bunyan, a fairly short testimony of the spiritual struggle leading to his salvation.

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